Error correction

1. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. Pat not live in London. She lives in Bristol.
  2. What time are you normally getting up?
  3. Always we invite friends for dinner at the weekends.
  4. Maria has seventeen years old and she's from Mexico.
  5. We'll meet Cathy and Kate tonight in the Chinese restaurant.
  6. He's thinking that you don't like him.
  7. I want that you listen carefully.
  8. They are thinking of go to Australia for their holidays.
  9. Before to leave the room, please switch off the lights.
  10. Janine likes meet new people. She's very sociable.

2. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. Phillip was breaking his arm while he was playing basketball.
  2. We slept when the doorbell rang.
  3. Jamie and Mark arrived at the party after we already left.
  4. Did he used to smoke as much as you?
  5. Julian don't speak French very well but he tries.
  6. She isn't believing anything you say.
  7. The government wants that people use public transport more.
  8. Sorry, I didn't listen when you told us how to get to the bar.
  9. I looked at my brother's magazine after he read it.

3. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. They live in Santander since they were born.
  2. Mike hasn't yet finished his homework.
  3. "When has she arrived?"   "Two days ago."
  4. How long you have been working here?
  5. Have you ever gone to Canada?
  6. They enjoy very much studying new things.
  7. I haven't finished painting that room already.
  8. She lives there since she was six years old.

4. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. In the future, I think the problem of global warming is getting worse.
  2. "There's someone at the door."   "OK. I'm going to answer it."
  3. What will you doing this time next year?
  4. We'll have finishing this project by Friday.
  5. I wasn't surprised by the story because I was hearing it before.
  6. How many times they have played that video game?
  7. I've decided I'll work hard and save for a holiday next summer.
  8. Paul couldn't go swimming but he had a bad cold.

5. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. The bad weather was caused some accidents on the road.
  2. I'm sorry, but your train has delayed by about an hour.
  3. Shirley is good in swimming and basketball.
  4. That museum is visited for a lot of people.
  5. Was anyone bite by that dangerous dog?
  6. Francis was scared because she didn't see anything like it before.
  7. Barbara already has tried that coat on and it doesn't fit her.
  8. She'll be finishing the work by nine o'clock.
  9. Cathy loves visit her uncle and aunt when she has time.
  10. Yesterday, the semi-final match are won by Brazil.

6. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. We'll go to the concert if we had enough money.
  2. He would have come to visit us if he had been so ill.
  3. She'd apply for the job, if she would speak better German.
  4. If you don't complain so much, people would like you more.
  5. If my girlfriend spoke to me like that, I'll stop seeing her.
  6. Have you yet been to the new shopping centre?
  7. If it would snow, I will go snowboarding.
  8. Many people is affected by different phobias.
  9. Sports enjoy to me very much.

7. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. Julia is the person whose got the new job.
  2. People that they have visited China say it's very interesting.
  3. Spaghetti, whose comes from Italy, is very popular.
  4. They invented a game which it was difficult to play.
  5. They would like that you send them some information.
  6. She's lived in Holland during five years.
  7. Sue has made plans and she'll go to the USA for a month.
  8. Somebody would buy the house if it isn't so old.

8. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. They said they spent all the money six months earlier.
  2. She told me phone her later.
  3. She suggested me that we had dinner together.
  4. David asked Tina where is she from.
  5. Dad told us to not stay out too late.
  6. We told she that the repair to the window would cost a lot of money.
  7. If I were you, I'll leave now.
  8. That's the house which my cousins live.
  9. Since May 2001, New York was visited by a lot of people.
  10. Mark has won his first competition when he was ten.
  11. He wants that you call him as soon as you can.
  12. They said me that I had to apologize for what I'd done.

9. Correct the error that these sentences contain.

  1. I must to go to bed early tonight.
  2. They will can go out later if they finish their homework.
  3. She will be able visit her cousins in New Zealand next year.
  4. Steve might found it difficult to get here.
  5. She could swam well when she was only three years old.
  6. She isn't remembering where she lived as a child.
  7. I wasn't going to school yesterday because the classes were cancelled.
  8. Yolanda didn't used to like tennis but now she loves it.
  9. This time next week we'll fly to Canada.
  10. If the car were expensive, we won't buy it.
  11. There are people what think she is a genius.
  12. Helen's dress was similar than mine.

answer key

.: 1

01 doesn't live
02 do you normally get up
03 We always invite
04 Maria is seventeen
05 We're meeting
06 He thinks
07 I want you to listen
08 thinking of going
09 Before leaving the room
10 likes meeting new people

.: 2

01 Philip broke his arm
02 We were sleeping
03 we had already left
04 Did he use to smoke
05 doesn't speak
06 doesn't believe
07 wants people to use
08 wasn't listening
09 after he had read it

.: 3

01 They've lived
02 hasn't finished his homework yet
03 'When did she arrive?'
04 have you been working
05 ever been
06 enjoy studying new things very much
07 painting that room yet.
08 has lived there since

.: 4

01 will get worse
02 I'll answer it.
03 will you be doing
04 We'll have finished
05 I had heard it before
06 have they played
07 I'm going to work hard
08 because he had a bad cold

.: 5

01 The bad weather caused
02 your train has been delayed
03 good at swimming and basketball
04 visited by a lot of people
05 anyone bitten by
06 she hadn't seen
07 has already tried
08 She'll have finished
09 loves to visit
10 was won by Brazil

.: 6

01 We'd go to the concert
02 if he hadn't been so ill
03 if she could speak
04 didn't complain so much
05 I'd stop seeing her
06 been to the new shopping centre yet
07 If it snows
08 are affected
09 I enjoy sports very much.

.: 7

01 who got the new job.
02 People that/who have visited China
03 which comes from Italy
04 which was difficult to play.
05 would like you to send them
06 for five years
07 she's going to go to the USA
08 if it wasn't so old

.: 8

01 said they had spent all the money
02 told me to phone her later
03 She suggested that
04 where she was from
05 not to stay out too late
06 We told her
07 I'd leave now
08 where my cousins live
09 has been visited
10 Mark won his first competition
11 wants you to call him
12 They told me

.: 9

01 I must go to bed
02 They will be able to go out
03 be able to visit
04 might find it
05 could swim well
06 doesn't remember
07 didn't go to school
08 didn't use to like
09 we'll be flying
10 If the car is expensive
11 people who/that think
12 similar to mine
(c) Oxford University Press