Fall in Love with Valentino

It's up to you in this reading activity in which you can travel in time, to fall in love, and meet some interesting people including Rudolph Valentino, the gardener and dishwasher who became a superstar playing romantic roles in films like Blood and Sand and The Son of the Sheik.

All you have to do is read the next paragraph and click on the option of your choice. Keep reading and clicking to see if your love story has a happy ending... or an unhappy ending. There are lots of possible stories so you can try reading the texts again and again... and again... and again... and again...

First of all you have to decide where and when you want your story to take place. You can either choose the distant past, more recent times or the future.

Choose between the following: the year 1942 or the year 2069.

You pull the sword out of the stone and become King or Queen of England. You then fall in love with a Spanish princess or prince. You get married and have ten children. And then...

The computer has selected two possible males for you. One is called Gorash and the other is called Xedut. Which do you choose?

The handsome Italian in the diner is in fact the cinema's first sex symbol, the silent movie star Rudolph Valentino. Do you want to stay and fall in love with him or do you want a change?

Sorry! Your story doesn't have a happy ending! You'd better start again.

Drawing lots is a matter of chance. You might draw the name of someone you like or someone you hate. You must choose between X and Y.

You play the part of Juliet in Shakespeare's play and become the most famous actor of the age. You don't find true love but you do sign a lot of autographs. Are you happy or do you want another chance?

There's no pollution and the dinosaurs died a long time ago but love isn't quite the same as it is in the 20th century. Are you willing to fight to the death for your mate or would you rather avoid combat and travel into the future?

The wrong decision. You have run straight into an ambush.

Computer dating isn't always such a good idea. The main reason that Hamish has a great personality is because he is invisible. Could you fall in love with an invisible man? Is your answer "yes" or is it "no"?

You tell William that he should be PC and start employing female actors. Unfortunately, Shakespeare isn't ready for such a revolutionary concept. You end up in the Tower of London and are eventually executed!

The person you love leaves you. You become a drug addict and an alcoholic. Your fans grow tired of you and you are left totally alone.

The wrong choice! You would rather fight tigers in the Coliseum than spend a minute with this person, the ugliest most hideously cruel person in all the world. Click here immediately.

It is the year 2069. You decide to find a partner on the iT's Internet Dating Agency. The first thing to decide is whether you want your partner to be male or female.

"Here's looking at you kid". Your performance is great and you fall in love with Lauren Bacall. Humphrey Bogart never forgives you. So what!?

Grrrr!! Hmph! Blam! You win the fight and the love of your life is yours. But your new partner is rather violent and enjoys pulling your hair, kicking you and hitting you over the head with a stick. Love hurts!

In Shakespeare's time, all the actors were supposed to be male. If you're a boy then click here. If you're a girl then click here. If you don't fancy a life in the theatre then go back to the Dark Ages or Prehistoric Times.

You get married but you constantly ask yourself if you made the right decision. Are you sure you can live without fame or do you want to make a comeback?

You meet a guy called George who asks you if you want to have a good time. Do you say "yes" or do you say "no"?

You now have to decide if you want your female to have an amazing personality or to look stunning.

The computer forgot to tell you that humans are very popular at restaurants on the planet where Gorash comes from.

You arrive at the party hoping to meet the love of your life. Unfortunately, you don't like anyone there. You get very drunk and then go home alone. You spend the next four hours being sick in the bathroom! Ugh!

Ladies and gentlemen, William Shakespeare is about to produce the greatest love story of them all, Romeo and Juliet. If you'd like a part in the play then click here. If you'd prefer another choice then click here.

The seventies is the decade when fashion died and romance became unfashionable. All you want to do is have a good time so you go to a punk party.

The computer's idea of "stunning" is Dragma, a female from the planet Kerpamby in the outer galaxy. She has a square head, a built-in keyboard and a pet mouse. You'd better make a quick exit and try again.

Do you want your male partner to be tall, dark and handsome or to have an interesting personality?

The group like your singing so much that they ask you to join the group. You become the fifth Beatle, become incredibly rich and famous, and have passionate love affairs with all the "beautiful people" of the sixties. And so...

You become the biggest star in the world - even bigger than Elvis Presley. You have thousands of fans who all love you. Then one day you meet a special person and fall in love. They ask you to give up your life as a rock star. Do you give it up or do you continue with the adventure?

The right choice! You have chosen the most attractive, intelligent, streetwise Roman available. Click here immediately.

You fight off the robbers and rescue the person. When you look into their eyes, it's love at first sight. What a great way to start a romance. Drive on!

Your computer has selected Valerie Tine as your partner. Valerie has incredible powers and can change her physical form. Click here to have fun.

Xedut must be fantastic because he is tall, dark and handsome and also has a great personality. Wow! The future looks good!

Unfortunately Valentino has a very short life and dies suddenly from a perforated ulcer in 1926. His death provokes mass hysteria and several suicides. You are one of the people who kill themselves.

John, Paul, George and Ringo are in the studio and ask you to sing backing vocals on their latest record, All You Need Is Love. Click here if you agree to sing. Click here for another chance.

The computer has selected two males that have great personalities. The first is called Xedut and the other is called Hamish. Which do you choose?

Phew! You manage to escape. Maybe you should go back to the beginning and start again.

You're in swinging London with a friend who knows The Beatles. Do you meet them or go to a "Love-In" party?

If you want to explore the recent past then choose between the Roaring Twenties, the Glamorous Forties, the Fabulous Fifties, the Swinging Sixties, or the Negative Seventies.

"Play it again Sam. Play As Time Goes By." Your performance is great! The director loves you! The critics love you! The public loves you! Even your boyfriend loves you! So...

You discover a sword stuck in a large stone. Do you want to pull it out or visit another time?

Unfortunately, George's full name is George Bugsy Malone and you are about to be killed by Al Capone and his gang. You have to make a quick decision. Do you run in this direction or that direction?

The Romans are planning a fertility festival. Gifts are exchanged and lots are drawn for the names of unmarried girls and boys. Do you want to take part or have another chance?

The birth of rock 'n' roll. Do you sign a recording contract and try to become a rock 'n roll star or leave your troubles behind you and drive across Arizona in a Porsche?

You feel so guilty about not stopping to help the person being robbed that you don't see the enormous truck coming towards you. Wham!

Let's be more specific. Do you want to go to the Dark Ages, Roman Times, Shakespeare's Time or Prehistoric Times?

You walk into a diner and order a hot dog. An attractive young man sits down beside you. He says his name is Rodolfo Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla. Do you want to talk to him or go back to tell George that you've changed your mind?

You are driving your car through Arizona when you see someone being robbed. Do you stop and help the person or do you drive on?

They're filming Casablanca, probably the greatest love story ever told on celluloid. One of the stars falls ill and you are asked to take their place. Do you want to replace Bogart or replace Ingrid Bergman?

You live happily ever after!


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