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from Murcia (Spain).

"...No deseo que el Principe sea de la escuela de los Escépticos... Solamente le advierto que con recato político esté indiferente en las opiniones, y crea que puede ser engañado en el juicio que hiciera de ellas, o por amor, o por pasión propia, o por siniestra información, (...) o por la incertidumbre de nuestro modo de aprender, o por que las cosas no son como parecen, principalmente las políticas..."

Diego Saavedra Fajardo. Idea de un príncipe político-cristiano representada en cien empresa. Fallimur Opinione.


This Web page is a window from our home, the high school, to the world. Trough it, we, teachers and pupils, can see cities, landscapes and people. We are also seen, because it is an open window. We'd like to be known. Due to this, we will show here some samples of our culture, art, literature,...

So, at the same time, this page can be ussed so that we may get to know our selves

This page is a blackboard, some paper and a letterbox. We'll write on it, we'll send and receive messages. We'd like to begin a new way of meeting and learning,... thanks to every one's help.

We are making the page. You can send any suggestion to Webmaster. Thanks.

From now on, you can skip the messages clicking directly on the escudo (icon) and go past to the diferent options of this WEB server.

Thanks for you visit, which is number fron the 14th 3-97

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